Alia Vita is a White River based company that offers turnkey holiday home management solutions for busy property owners, as well as luxury concierge services for discerning holidaymakers. In short, we help home owners to generate carefree income and provide guests with all the makings of a fun-filled holiday in Mpumalanga, South Africa.

Hospitality [hos-pi-tal-i-tee] 


At Alia Vita, we realise that owning a short-term vacation rental property comes with all sorts of responsibilities that can be difficult to live up to if you don’t stay close by. This is why we offer home owners the possibility of generating carefree rental income while we take care of the day-to-day management and maintenance of their properties.

Our hospitality services include, but are not limited to:

  • General maintenance and cleaning of your house, pool and garden.
  • Getting the property ready to receive guests – making the beds, stocking the fridge, getting the beers cold, stacking the braai wood, etc.
  • Welcoming guests at your vacation rental property, explaining the ins and outs and providing an optional welcome pack.
  • Providing daily housekeeping and linen service for the duration of your guests’ stay.
  • Airport pickups and drop-offs.
  • A full concierge service for the duration of the guests’ stay.
  • Returning your property to its pre-guest state so you can enjoy it upon your return.

Depending on your requirements, we could take care of all of the above, only manage certain aspects or even build out our standard offering to accommodate further duties. The Alia Vita team is standing by to make your short-term rental worries a thing of the past and streamline your lucrative income avenue in any way you require.

Find out more about our Home Owner Services and send us your inquiries today to peggy@aliavita.co.za.



Concierge [con·cierge]


Alia Vita offers visitors to White River and the greater Mpumalanga area a full concierge service.

Our concierge services include, but are not limited to:

  • Meeting you at the airport & arranging a transfer to your holiday home.
  • Preparing pre-arrival hampers (food, wine, children & baby essentials)
  • Arranging childcare during your stay.
  • Recommending and booking tours to the Kruger National Park and other attractions in the vicinity.
  • Organising transport to and from any activities.
  • Recommending and making reservations at restaurants and eateries in the vicinity.
  • Organising on-site chefs and entertainment at your vacation rental.
  • Recommending and booking on-site beauty treatments and pampering sessions by trained professionals at your holiday rental.
  • To make your guests feel at home even more :
    • We speak English
    • We praten Nederlands
    • Nous parlons Français
    • Wer sprechen Deutsch
  • With other words… anything you may require to make it a holiday of a lifetime!

The Alia Vita team is at the ready to make sure that you enjoy a fuss-free, fun-filled vacation. Please get in touch and send us an e-mail today to peggy@aliavita.co.za. So we can discuss your requirements and tailor a seamless holiday experience according to your specifications.


Rental Services


Managing the rental bookings of one or multiple properties in Mpumalanga can be a bit of a headache, but luckily Alia Vita is here to take care of all that for you. We’ll take care of your Airbnb rentals every step of the way.

Our rental booking services include, but are not limited to:

  • Arranging professional photographs of your property to improve rental rates.
  • Setting up Airbnb profile for your property.
  • Managing your Airbnb calendars.
  • Administration support – payment of property bills.
  • Quality & standards control – inventory management.
  • Maintenance inspections.

Our turnkey rental solutions are the perfect way to generate lucrative Airbnb rental revenue without the hassle of managing the process yourself. Get in touch via peggy@aliavita.co.za so we can discuss your requirements and start generating some ROI!


My name is Peggy Roef and Alia Vita (‘A Different Life’) is my passion project. The business in its current guise is the result of years of experience in marketing and events management, which has given me the perfect background to assist savvy property owners like yourself in managing their holdings and generating some welcome return on investment.

How we got here

I was born and raised in Belgium, where I studied Tourism & Marketing and went on to become a marketing manager before setting up shop as an independent wedding- and events planner under the banner of Alia Vita. In those days, I ran around planning lavish weddings and corporate events for important companies, often accommodating up to 1500 guests at a time. Suffice it to say, I know my way around more than one organisational model.

Bart, my husband, and myself made the hop across the pond to sunny South Africa in 2015. We first settled at the majestic Kruger Gate, but then fell head over heels in love with White River and the Likweti Bushveld Farm Estate, where we have lived since the beginning of 2016.

Our love for Likweti Bushveld Farm Estate

We were some of the first home owners at Likweti and Bart currently works hand in hand with the project manager who builds 90% of the properties on the estate. He keeps tabs on the finishing on all of the structures, introduces potential buyers to the area and is the general all-around go-to guy for everything Likweti-related.

This is how we realised that many buyers are interested in building a holiday home or potential rental property. And so, the idea for Alia Vita concierge service and short-term vacation rental management was born. We love travelling and as someone who prizes well-organised holiday experiences, I know the value of seamless hospitality service, which is what I intend to provide your guests.

I look forward to discussing your requirements and finding a way to make your Holiday Home work for you.